Friday, October 7, 2016

10 Months and 3 Loves...

My Boo, 

I am truly at a loss for words that today you are 10 months old, that you have been in my arms for almost a year now.  At times it feels as if I have known you forever, and at other times, I feel like a brand new mother, that you were just placed in my arms.  You are my treasure, and I never imagined how much you would consume my thoughts and prayers.  You came into our world, had us wrapped around your fingers from the moment we saw you, and I knew that my life was just beginning. 

You have given us a renewed hope, the understanding that God has a bigger plan that we could never dream up as this wonderful. There is a wisdom in your smile and the way you experience the world. I love the way you learn something every day, find joy in simply living, and smile so beautifully that you light up the room. I want time to slow down because I know that one day I will have to let you go. And, now, you are almost a year, and I wonder if I do enough every day to prove how much you are loved and wanted? Do you know that my world revolves around you, and I count down the seconds until I get to see you again? If I don't say it enough, know that you are more than loved; you are our purpose. 

We love you more than we love ourselves, and we aren't the only ones who do. You have so many family members and friends who lift you up in love and prayers every single day. You have a Grammy and PaPaw who think you are one of their greatest gifts; you have cousins who fight over who gets to hold and play you with first. You have a Jake and Amy Sue who don't get to see you as much as they'd like because of where they live, but they check on you all of the time, and they are so proud to call you theirs. You have a JJ and Sheesh who take time out of their busy schedules to wrap you in their arms and surround you in love. 

So, if I am not there one day, and you need a shoulder to lean on or arms to wrap you in care, you have many people who will always be on your side, be your biggest fans. And, in this post, because I have witnessed 10 months of love from these people, I want to share the women in your life. 

Amy Sue, your aunt, was there for Mommy when it seems life was falling apart. She was supportive during in the infertility struggle, faithful in prayer, and had an available shoulder to cry on when adoption failed us. She is kind, compassionate, soft-hearted, and a genuine soul who will always protect you and make you feel special. She was at your showers, your parties, your major life milestones. She respects your momma, and she loves unconditionally. When times get tough or you think you can't talk to us, I know that your Amy Sue will welcome you and accept you for all your wonderful qualities. I know that she loves you, is proud of you, and will never let you down.  We are so blessed to have her in our lives, and you have an amazing aunt in Amy Sue. 

Sheesh, your aunt, Ashley, has been Mommy's best friend since the day she was born.  God made us sisters, and becoming best friends was our greatest gift. There is no one like your Sheesh. She is the 
kindest soul, placing others before herself, and never uttering a harsh word towards anyone. She is meek and mild but so strong and courageous. She will make you laugh until it hurts, and she will fill you heart with so much love that it feels as if it can burst. She took care of your mommy during her infertility struggles, and she made sure your mommy was taking care of herself after a failed adoption. She was the first family member to visit you after placement, and she fell in love with you instantly. Your Sheesh will do everything to make your life more beautiful, and I am so proud that you get to call her your aunt. Depend on her, share your life with her, tell her your secrets, and trust that she will never lead you astray.  When Mommy can't be there, your Sheesh will give you the love you deserve. I could not have asked for a better aunt, and we are so blessed to love Sheesh.  She is a beautiful soul, and she is an even more amazing aunt.

Your Grammy, your mommy's mommy, is the greatest woman you will ever know.  She gave your Mommy unconditional love, and she taught me what it means to be a mother.  When I was hurting, she held me and taught me to never give up. When people hurt me, she showed me the protection that only a mother can offer, and she taught me that I never need to worry about the opinions of people I don't need in my life.  She is your number one fan, and she will never let you down.  I promise that she will always understand and appreciate your life decisions, and she will be proud of you no matter where your path leads you.  When you need unconditional love, your Grammy will be there.  When you need compassion, your Grammy will be there.  When you need comfort, or peace, or understanding, your Grammy will be there.  When you need to hear an embarrassing story about your Mommy, your Grammy will gladly share.  Do you know that she prayed for you?  Do you know on the day that we learned that you were ours, that she also had a feeling that we would find you?  I truly believe that God connected your souls before you even knew about each other.  There is something very special about a grandmother, and God gave you the greatest one in the world, your Grammy. We are more than blessed to have her in our lives, and you are so lucky to know that the world's greatest grandma belongs to you-your Grammy holds this title, and she always will. She is the greatest, and your reaction every time you see her proves that you know this too.  We love Grammy, and she loves you.

One day you will understand what we went through to find you, and when you do, you will appreciate even more what Amy Sue, Sheesh, and Grammy have done for you.  They never talked negatively about your parents or let us down in our darkest moments.  They never said a hateful word, and they never left us alone in our suffering.  They continuously lift us up, and they make us proud and excited to allow them to be a part of your life. 

Please remember that family is important, but family does not mean blood or name. Family is simply those people who love and support you unconditionally. And, you, my Boo, have many who love and support you unconditionally.

In two months, you will have given the world an amazing year of experiencing you, and I know that we are so blessed to get to spend your life with you.

Please know that Daddy and I, along with PaPAw, Grammy, Jake, Sue, JJ, Sheesh, Rylie, Kain, Beau, Kash, Jaycie, and Jude, love you truly, unconditionally, and to Heaven and back. Always and forever.

I am so proud to be yours.



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